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USCB - University of South Carolina Beaufort

USCB College students and adults returning to school seeking more than a four-year liberal arts education will find that the University of South Carolina Beaufort (UCSB) also offers a feeling of island living, a sense of deep tradition, and strong appreciation of Lowcountry history and her surrounding natural environment.

From the courses in American history to the interactive lessons focusing on Beaufort's coastal environments, students are quick to also discover the school's history began with great challenges. Originally granted a charter to become Beaufort College in 1795, the school opened its first main building in 1800. But by 1817 a yellow fever epidemic spread and people within the community feared the source of the epidemic came from the building. As a result, the Beaufort community had the building torn down.

The building that stands on campus today in downtown Beaufort is not the first building – nor was the college immune to any further challenges in its future. When the college re-opened its doors in 1856, young men and women wore military uniforms and the college came under federal control; historical reports say not enough political strength within in the state capitol existed to keep it from doing so. For approximately 100 years, the school was then overcome with more challenges to remain open – war, reconstruction, problems with boll weevils, and the depression.

By the 1950s, local residents petitioned with the University of South Carolina to open a branch in their hometown of Beaufort; the university complied and Beaufort College reopened its doors as University of South Carolina Beaufort. Throughout the next several decades, USCB reached several goals, including expanding the campus by acquiring or renovating other buildings in town, designating a second campus in Hilton Head and receiving a four-year degree and baccalaureate status to award to college students.

Today USCB's school atmosphere celebrates its 50th birthday. Its mission focuses on attributes that speak to its fledgling yet determined-to-thrive history – growth, preservation and opportunity. Approximately 1600 students choose USCB as their educational place to learn and the charming town of Beaufort their home whether in-state or or out-of-state.

Some of the ways students can wind down after an intense day of studying is sitting on a park bench to breathe away any stress, watching shrimp boats arrive back home after a day on the ocean to calm the mind, or meeting friends at a local favorite hangout to reconnect with life outside a classroom. One place to either cool off with a smoothie or get a much-needed caffeine jolt is Java City Cafe, which caters to all Beaufort residents and visitors staying at the City Loft Hotel in the heart of downtown Beaufort. Students with families visiting from out of town can also secure guest rooms at the hotel, as the staff can supply suggestions to some of Beaufort's intimate yet amazing cultural events and favorite restaurants featuring some of the town's pleasing Lowcountry cuisine, too.

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